WCJA Mission Statement

The Wyoming Criminal Justice Association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and promotes professionalism, personal growth and pride in our respective fields, through the collaborative efforts of Wyoming’s Criminal Justice Professionals by way of training, networking and simple communications.

About WCJA

The Wyoming Criminal Justice Association (WCJA) is an organization that is committed to providing professional services to its members and criminal justice community. The WCJA cooperates with adjunct justice systems agencies in the expansion and development of parole, probation correctional work and other criminal justice aspects throughout the country. The WCJA also cooperates and works with programs relative to corrections in the state of Wyoming as well as other fields relative to criminal justice. The WCJA is governed by a board of directors that include president, president-elect, secretary/membership coordinator, treasurer, WJCA historian, state representation. 

Contact WCJA

WCJA is made up of a volunteer board. Click on Board of Directors names below to send email or call Lieutenant Gilbert Nelson (President) at the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp,  307-746-4436 or Jessica Munoz (President Elect) at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institute, 307-532-6600.

Board of Directors

President  Gilbert Nelson
President-Elect  Jessica Munoz
Past President/ WECA Representative  Richard Burton
Treasurer  Felicity Garner
Secretary  Dulci Garcia
Publisher/Historian Lori Hogan
Entertainment Coordinator  Pam Gualtieri
Vendor Coordinator Terresa Banta
Speaker Coordinator James Piro
Professional Development  Sheila Tulley
Outreach Coordinator Dawn Marie Pollard
Member at Large Christina Russell
ACA Representative Jerry Steele
WCJA Administration,
Sep 24, 2014, 5:51 PM