WCJA Mission Statement

WCJA LogoThe Wyoming Criminal Justice Association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and promotes professionalism, personal growth and pride in our respective fields, through the collaborative efforts of Wyoming’s Criminal Justice Professionals by way of training, networking and simple communications.
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WCJA New Board Members

What is WCJA

President - Gilbert Nelson
President-Elect - Jessica Munoz
Past President/WECA Rep - Richard Burton
Treasurer - Kathy Long
Secretary - Dulci Garcia
Publisher/Historian Wanda Kerns
Entertainment Coordinator - Pam Gualtieri
Vender Coordinator - Kelly Carrol
Speaker Coordinator - James Piro
Professional Development - Sheila Tulley

WCJA is working hard at getting speakers for the June Conferene!

Dr. Dale Tunnell and Dr. Alan Conkey have both been booked!  You can read their bios on the Upcoming Conference Speakers page!

The Wyoming Criminal Justice Association (WCJA) is an organization that is
committed to providing professional services to its members and criminal justice
community. The WCJA cooperates with adjunct justice systems agencies in the
expansion and development of parole, probation, correctional work and other criminal
justice aspects throughout the country. The WCJA also cooperates and works with
programs relative to corrections in the state of Wyoming as well as other fields relative to
criminal justice.

The WCJA is governed by a board of directors that include president, president elect,
secretary/membership coordinator, treasurer, WJCA historian, state representative
to the western correctional association, vendor coordinator, speakers coordinator,
outreach coordinator, professional education coordinator, entertainment coordinator, and

The WCJA strives to offer a vast amount of tools to assist its members including
professional training and development, promoting high standards in correctional practice,
creates public interest and support, and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and
information among the agencies represented in the association. The WCJA members and
the board of directors are a resource for each other and people in the criminal justice
field. Members will receive individual notification of the ongoing training, workshops,
annual conference and copies of the association newsletter.